Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is an agreement by the writer or those parties responsible for ghostwriting your project. Essentially, it ensures that you will remain the credited author of all writing you pay us to do. You will retain exclusive rights and ownership to all writing. You can put your name as the author.

Here is a link to our non-disclosure agreement (NDA):

When you contact us about writing services, we can sign and send this NDA. Since it is an agreement by the writer, you need not sign it yourself. Just let us know your legal name to include it in the agreement and then rest assured knowing that your work is safe and protected by an iron-clad NDA.

The lead writer will typically sign and send the non-disclosure agreement early on, even before you have agreed to hire us for ghostwriting services. This is because you will need to share some of you intellectual property and in the case of fiction, ideas for your story. Regardless of whether you decide to hire us, the agreement will provide peace of mind that your ideas and work is safe and protected.

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