Benefits of working as a freelance writer — jobs

A freelance writer is an individual who takes up assignment on a project or contractual basis. The individual is self employed and does not have to report to a superior or employer on a long term basis. There are various kinds of freelance assignments that a freelance writer may take up. The writing could be related to business, technology, academics, marketing or the web. The writer chooses a field of writing according to writing style and expertise. In the world of automation, most people opt for freelance jobs because it helps them generate added income by submitting online thesis, essays or short write-ups.

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Benefits of a freelance writer

Working as a freelance writer gives an individual the freedom to explore topics of interest and also publish his or her writings. A freelance writer can avoid routine jobs that may seem monotonous after a point. Writing on a topic of choice also helps the individual share knowledge on the subject with others. This ensures job satisfaction.

Part-time freelance writing lets the individual pursue a full-time job in any field of his or her choice. This helps an individual earn dual income.  Another benefit is that a freelance writer can work sitting at home, from anywhere in the world. All one needs is a laptop or desktop computer with internet facility. There are several opportunities to work as a freelance writer. Most authors who write books operate on a freelance basis. Publishers approach them with a set deadline. Once the author finishes writing the book, he or she can submit the same to the publisher by e-mail.

Frequent writing also helps a freelance writer develop a command over the language in which he or she writes and also acquire an individual writing style. Also, once the person has gained a certain amount of self confidence, it is possible for the person to take risks and explore more and more topics. For example, I am currently working as a freelance academic writer. Last month I got an opportunity to venture into the world of content writing and I decided to take the offer. Initially I would accept a few projects because I was not confident of my writing capability but now I can confidently go ahead with new subjects.

Working as a freelance writer saves one from the rigorous routine of commuting to office. The time saved in traveling to work can actually be utilized on the home front. In today’s world, both partners of a household need to earn in order to ensure a decent lifestyle. At the same time, household chores demand attention too, and not everyone can employ domestic help. Working as a freelance writer allows an individual to operate from his or her home and leaves enough time for the house.

For students or people pursing academic research, freelance writing is an easy option for extra income. The occupation also helps them imbibe knowledge on the subject they are writing about.

Being a freelance writer allows an individual to widen his or her knowledge base on a subject of choice. Since most freelance writers prefer to work on topics they love or are familiar with, constant research on the same keeps them updated on the subject.

Risks associated with freelance writers

The profession has its risks. First, there is the issue of deadline pressure. If a writer fails to meet a deadline, he or she could end up losing valuable clients.

Getting started is another challenge. For an inexperienced freelance writer, getting the right jobs that ensure the right pay is often a problem. Since there is no dearth of freelance writers, clients constantly hunt for the best possible options at the least possible prices.

The job also restricts the scope of going on vacation, since taking a break could mean a valuable client opting for another writer. Many freelance writers are known to work even on vacation.

The  benefits of freelance writing outnumber the risks. In today’s world of competition, no job is secure. Many people lost permanent jobs during recession. Writing is a creative skill and not everybody has the talent to pursue the job. An excellent command over a language apart, a writer needs to have great thinking and creative skills in order to gain the attention of the reader.


The payment one gets initially is usually meager. However as one gains experience and develops contact, income is bound to increase. All in all, the focus for a freelance writer should be on satisfying the client. Although a demanding job, freelance writing can be immensely satisfying if one has the passion for the job.